This department headed by the Pastor is aimed at providing spiritual guidance and consultation, from a Christian perspective, to individuals and families where needed. The department also provides a required 12-week class for those preparing to get married and a mentoring program for new couples.

Prayer Ministry
This ministry is charged with being watchmen over His people. Their mission is to provide adequate prayer cover and intercession according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. They address the congregational and church issues in the place of prayer and plan Annual Prayer Retreats.

Sunday School
This department equips believers through a deeper look at the Word of God before the Worship Service on Sundays. It is responsible for planning educational programs, classes and seminars, geared towards the spiritual growth of members as Christians.

Worker’s Training
Also responsible to create an avenue/environment for the church worker’s to feel loved and appreciated as laborers in God’s vineyard. Monitors attendance at Worker’s Meetings and follows-up on the welfare of the workers. Also makes sure the birthdays of all workers are recognized. Also schedules an annual Worker’s Appreciation Day.

Foundation and Membership Class
This class is designed to teach some key foundational doctrines of the Christian faith to ensure that all attendees have a solid understanding and practical knowledge of them. It is a core class for new and growing believers and teaches the rudimentary essentials for Christian growth and daily living. The class covers all the basics for baptism and ends with a baptismal ceremony (certs). The department provides:

- A forum for encouragement, mentoring, and support
- A sense of belonging to those new to the area and looking for a home church
- An avenue to retain our visitors
- The needed spiritual guidance for them to grow
- A network of friends for them to relate with

Voices of Victory
The music ministry is a vital part of any Christian worship service. It is a ministry that not only leads during praise and worship, but also teaches worshipers the true act of reverence in worshiping God. They lead the church in learning new songs, perform special numbers, and keep the worship lively. They meet every Saturday to practice and every Sunday morning to pray. This ministry’s goal for the future is to develop spiritual music leaders, gifted in voice and other musical instruments.

The Ushering Ministry’s impact is enormous both in meeting the needs of people and in keeping the church service running smoothly. We help create a comfortable atmosphere during church service. Provide a welcoming face to all those who attend church services and programs and help find appropriate seating efficiently. They help maintain orderliness by ensuring minimal distractions during the services; also collect the offerings. Includes greeters who welcome newcomers and members of the congregation in a friendly and courteous manner. We strive to create a warm and comfortable environment for all church-attendees and we assist the ushers’ department. Also dedicated to ensuring the smooth flow of traffic as people arrive and depart from services.

Wisdom Fellowship
This group caters to members of the church who are 45 years of age and above. It aims to build a spiritual powerhouse of elders in the church who are also spiritual counselors that can help lighten the burden of the Pastor.

Gideon’s Army
This is the Men’s Fellowship. It is devoted to raising strong men, loving husbands and fathers. It provides a forum for men of the church to share experiences and to groom young Christian males to become mature heads of Christian homes. Since men are heads of the house, it is important that Christian males take directives from the head of the church, Jesus Christ. Such training and sharing will come in the form of seminars and workshops. Secondarily, the men’s fellowship also trains its members to be responsive to the needs of the church. The men’s fellowship meets on the third Saturday of each month for a breakfast meeting and it is open to all adult males of the church.

Women of Valor
This is the Women’s Ministry. As women of faith, they are called to excel in every area of their lives. Their emotions, talents and abilities in addition to physical attributes need to be in subjection to the Holy Spirit. First we are women, next wives and then mothers. The level of our intimacy with the Lord will affect the quality of our relationship with our husbands, children, loved ones and others. Our primary charge is to fear the Lord. In order to achieve this, we draw strength, experience and counsel from the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. They are also a specialized ministry that ministers to pregnant women and women believing God for the gift of the fruit of the womb.

Young Adults and Singles Ministry (YASM)
The fellowship was established to serve as a forum where young and single adults can fellowship and interact. The objective of the group is to discuss all issues pertaining to the challenges of living a Christian life in a western society particularly with the diverse cultural heritage of the church body. Through practical teachings, discussions focus on living a life of a purpose and passion as a single person, handling the pressures of a single life and preparing for marriage. Also caters to the needs of single mothers in the church. With a foundation grounded in God’s world. Creates an avenue for young adults to learn and reach out to each other in an environment and manner that is relevant to their generation. The group is open to all age groups and actively encourages open participation and involvement. Activities ongoing and planned for the year include career sessions with career profiles of church members and other Christians in the work place; drama and music sessions for special occasions, and picnics other social events. The vision of the group is to build a generation strong in God’s word and equipped with all the skills, and wisdom and encouragement for success in this society and life in general. Includes mentoring of young adults.

Teens for Christ
The Teenage Church is focused on raising well rounded and spiritually sound teenagers; equipping them with what it takes to overcome the daily pressures of living as a teenager in today’s society. Also includes mentoring of teenagers.

Children’s Ministry
The children’s ministry is commissioned to teach the children sound spiritual principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is important that all children of Christian homes be given the proper foundation in developing personal relationship with Christ in their homes, as well as in the church. This is very important in light of the current dangers associated with raising children today. Children are taught at two levels, preschool and grade school levels. Teachers meet on Sundays during word clinic (Sunday school) to pray for the ministry.

The charge of this ministry is to receive and welcome visitors to the church, follow-up on existing members, including those who have been absent from the church for a period, and to help new members feel at home in Victory Temple. The group meets with visitors to the church after each service and shares the vision of the church.

Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…

This department is responsible for the finances of the church including record keeping, budget management, payroll and all other expenses.

Information & Technology
This department provides technical expertise, maintenance and support in the area of computer and computer related systems. It ensures that important and relevant information and announcements are made available to the church. It is focused on using printable media types and internet technology to reach church members and the global audience with information about church local events and inspirational information. This department is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the church web-site and Facebook pages.

Word & Tape Ministry
This department is responsible for the recording, production, duplication, storage and sale of audio for all sermons, teachings and programs of the church on various media. This department will be responsible for the Church Bookstore once it becomes operational; providing easy access to Christian literature, motivational products and gift items.

Audio-Visual Services
This department ensures that the audio-visual needs of the church are met at all times through crisp, clear sound and video. It also provides audio-visual technical support for the church; including covering the video recording of church services and special events, primarily for archival purposes and also making these recordings available for sale.

Special Duties/Operations
This department is responsible for the care and maintainance of the physical church and its facilities. It supports the church through a number of avenues such as, repairment, installation, carpentry, and electrical services. The parking ministry was created to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all of those who come to worship at. At most church gatherings, this group of volunteers assist in parking and traffic control.

Interior Decoration
This department is responsible for the aesthetics of the church, especially the altar and the sanctuary.

Extension Services
The charge of this department is to glorify God and His house by serving Him in the place of cleaning. They clean the church weekly in preparation for all church services and events.

Care and Welfare Ministry
This ministry of compassion keeps up with members of the church and developments in their lives; including:

- Assist members during times of crisis/illness with funding for travel and emergency health care.
- Addressing health issues by providing information about free or low cost health services in the community.
- Assisting new immigrant families who choose to become members of the church with adjustment to American culture while encouraging Christian growth, fellowship and service.
- Assisting members who have need of food/clothing.
- Reaching out and comforting bereaved families in the church.
- Help transport members and visitors to and from church on regular bases.

Pastor’s Care
This department is responsible for catering to the well-being of guest ministers and other visiting pastors. This encompasses the provision of food and beverages.

Health and Fitness
This group equips the congregation with adequate resources concerning their health. They organize an Annual Health Fair and also provide general first aid around the church.

Evangelism (Alpha Program)
Our number one task is to ensure the church’s obedience to the great commission; "Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you" Matthew 28:19-20. We evangelize through the most effective means that will win souls for Christ and broaden His kingdom. The Alpha Program is a 10-week step-by-step practical introduction to Christianity; it is held in a very relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere allowing participants to explore Christianity by listening to a series of thought-provoking talks.

Outreach Ministry
Works with other departments and ministries in the church to develop creative ways of sharing the gospel with those in our community; i.e. prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, etc. They organize an Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Coat Drive.

Home Fellowships
Home Fellowship provides a vital component of the church; it is a place where one can connect to a smaller group of people to develop friendships, build strong relationships and grow spiritually. They meet weekly in different homes throughout the area to share the Word of God, pray, encourage and fellowship with one another. The emphasis of these groups is five-fold: Fellowship, Discipleship, Multiplication, Leadership Development and Shepherding. Everyone is invited to come and meet with the Lord and to grow as a person. To find the nearest small group gathering near you please check out the locations.

This group plans and prepares for all the annual and special programs of the church; including selection and invitation of guest speakers and production of promotional materials. It ensures that all relevant departments and ministries are aware of their roles.

Christian Life and Service Seminars (CLASS)
This department currently offers the following classes:

- Membership
- Maturity
- Ministry
- Mission

It is designed to encourage spiritual growth. All new believers, new members, and those seeking to advance in their work with God are encouraged to join. The goal of this ministry is to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide opportunities to receive the knowledge and understanding of God.

Couples Fellowship
Couples Fellowship at Victory Temple exists to inspire, encourage, and equip those who are married by sharing real-life experience, Biblical resources, teaching and revealing the heart of God on marriage, so they are better able to: "Be imitators of God as dearly beloved children and to live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." (Ephesians 5:1-2)

Leadership Training and Development
The Pastors schedule sessions with the Ministers/Heads of Departments and ensure they receive training relevant to their respective responsibilities as well as the church in general. Leadership skills are taught, including ways to effectively carry along the team.

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